Static Websites

Relational Database Management Systems - RDBMS

A static website is the simplest type of website to build but it is often the most costly to maintain.  In a static site, website content is integrated into each and every HTML page.  If there is a need to change the content, the web page content must be changed and the page re-published.

Frequently, there is a need to display essentially the same content on multiple pages in a web.  For example, a list of products and services might be shown alphabetically on one page and grouped into categories on other.

Should the price of a product or service change, it is then necessary to update each page where that product or service appears and to re-publish those pages.  Not only is this a labor intensive process, it is also error prone.

Static Websites

Given that the products, services and prices are normally maintained in a corporate database of some sort, it makes good sense to generate pages directly from a relational database (RDBMS).

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