Relational Database Management Systems - RDBMS

Businesses establish websites for many different reasons.  Although some only require simple brochure-style websites to communicate basic corporate and product information, others have more sophisticated requirements.

Many companies have a need to publish large volumes of data to the web, data that is constantly changing.

Other firms want to deploy e-business and e-commerce applications that enable visitors to initiate self service transactions 24 hours each day over the Internet in a secured environment.

As websites become increasingly sophisticated, the need to better manage website content increases.

Introduction to Dynamic Websites

There is a widespread need to manage website content in a robust relational databases where the data can be accessed and used to dynamically generate web pages.

This tutorial explains how relational database management systems are integrated with websites to provide rich and dynamic web content.  It also explains how RDBMS technology is used to store data captured by web-enabled Internet applications.

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